We Are Building a Community

The Entertainment Guys provides top-tier concert experiences that are safe, environmentally friendly, and affordable. We are part of the concert-loving generation and know what a great show should feel like – and that’s exactly what we’ll deliver to you. We value each person that comes to one of our shows and want to give them everything they want in a show, and keep everything they don’t want out.

We are building a connected community of music lovers to go beyond concerts and do positive work in the community. With each show we throw, a portion of ticket proceeds will be donated to a local charity to help whatever problems affect the city that hosted us. Music has the power to do so much good in our lives, so we believe that we should spread our reach and help the cities that gave us the chance to host a concert.

Joe Hall, President


Jon Hall, Chief Financial Officer


Kevin Hall, Chief Operating Officer


Ryan Peralta, Chief Executive Officer


Hunter Reyes, Production Manager