Attention all local Los Angeles DJs! We are happy to announce that the The Entertainment Guys and Invision Music Group are hosting a DJ Competition for an opening lineup spot at our next show at The Basement Pomona on May 23, 2019.

Submission Requirements

  1. 20 Minute Freestyle DJ Set

  2. 30 Second clip for social media purposes

  3. DJ Logo File

  4. Follow all The Entertainment Guys and Invision social media accounts

  5. Instagram Repost of event flier

  6. Twitter Repost of event flier (if applicable)

Scoring Guidelines

1 Point:

  • Every like on the announcement post on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube

3 Points:

  • Personal Reposts

5 Points:

  • Friend Reposts of flier with DJ Contestant, The Entertainment Guys, and Invision tagged

10 Points:

  • Each ticket purchased with DJ Promo Code

The DJ with the most points by May 20, 2019 will perform at The Basement Pomona on May 23!

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